Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Rudy does an old job with a new spin.

I say Hey !! Everyone, and Hay!!! for Everyone. Rudy here and today was a great day for me. I have been at Saddlebred Rescue for a while now and I just did not get riding that much. I tried but it always frightened me and I made mistakes for the first half of the ride. The people were nice but I knew they disappointed in the fact that I was so nervous. I heard them say "we can not place him like that" and "no one wants a horses that is not good under saddle". I wish I could have talked because I would have told them how much I love and how comfortable I am driving.

Today while I was being led over to the big barn I started hoping I could relax and do better so I could find a new home just for me. Something wonderful happened, it seemed to me they were putting harness on me. Could it be? It WAS harness, so when they led me out to the indoor arena I felt more relaxed I could hardly wait to get started. I felt like I was living a dream, because I was driving but the surface was not hard, it was soft and springy! It felt great on my legs and joints. The best part was every thing they ask me to do I knew how to do it and it was fun and easy. I did not even have to work hard, it was like a play day for me.

I heard one lady say they were going to work me driving with cones and I am sure she said I would be a star. I now look forward to when I am brought into the big barn again. I hope it is soon because I would really like to try the cones thing.

Next time I work I will let you know how it goes. This was a GREAT Day for me. Maybe I will get my forever home that everyone keeps talking about.

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