Saturday, April 19, 2008

Lee is bloggin again

Lee, reporting from land of funny weather again. A couple of days ago, it seemed like Spring, and the temperature was up to mid 60's which felt really nice! Mom took off my blanket (finally!) and said that it seemed like Spring had sprung, whatever that expression means. People are very interesting, I think if I had a full-time secretary, I could write a book entitled 'Anthropology of Humans from a horse's perspective'. But for now, will just have to content myself with an occasional message here.Mom was sooo very apologetic when she came to see me today, because we had a brief return of cold temperatures plus steady rain, and she said she was sorry I did not still have my blanket on. (I have it on now of course, night time temperatures will be in mid 30's and we have lots of cold wet mud.)Anyway, one of the big adventures of the day was the gate in our pasture is not working right, so we 3 boys had to move across the lane to join some other horses, while the gate is fixed. Cheryl (Boss Mare, Mom says she's the barn owner) wanted to catch me but I said no, last time you caught me I got shots, so you can't catch me today. I did follow the other horses right across the lane though, so she was very happy about that, that even loose I knew which little herd is mine.I love to lie down in the mud, and roll. Unfortunately, because it was cold mud and it was windy and rainy again today, I was getting chilled. As soon as Mom (Jeanie to the rest of you) saw how muddy I was and how I was sort of shivering, she said 'You need a warm bath!' I was not sure what that was all about, but soon found out.We went into the barn into a big room with a sink, cupboards, chains hanging down (humans call them crossties, I call them scary instruments of keeping me from running away from danger) and rubber mats on the floor. The bath was kind of scary at first, but the water was warm and I started to enjoy it but I did not let on...I kept looking kind of anxious and wiggling around a bit, so another very nice human came over to keep us company. She played some games with me, wiggled my nose, and fed me carrots and that was the best part of this adventure. Mom kept telling me how wonderful I was, how brave and how she was so proud of me for letting her give me a bath. I started to think the ordeal was over....but no! There was more. The next thing was a noisy thing that blows warm air, the blow dryer the humans called it. Before that, I was standing there with a cooler over me, and had been rubbed with towels, but when the blow dryer thing started up, I made a frowny face and danced around a little, it was so loud. I got used to it though, and the 2 humans took turns holding it near my wet hair. Mom really made it pleasant, her other hand was massaging me all over lifting up the hair so the warm air would get down to my skin. I still have a lot of my winter coat, and good thing too! I was looking very curly for awhile. Finally, the noisy thing stopped, then it was time for brushing and blanket again. When I got back into the pasture the others were very curious about my outfit, had to sniff it but I just told them not to try to take it away, I had decided it felt really nice to be warm and dry again.Mom says next week I get my teeth done and my sheath cleaned, whatever that means. I am starting to trust her though, she always talks nicely to me and her hands have a loving feel to them. She has not done anything to hurt me and is very patient. I don't have to work hard anymore, not that I couldn't if I had to, but it really is nice not to have to. Carrying my new human around is very easy, and she does not get upset if I guess wrong what she wants. And that is the report from Lee.

Friday, April 18, 2008

Bo's day at the spa.

Bo Bice’s ( The Professionsl) day at the spa.
Well it’s my turn to blog. I have never done this before but I am sure I will be very good at it because I am good at everything. The humans here all tell me that, I am glad they are smart humans and see that. Some of the horses here tell stories about humans they have known that were not so smart. I have been pretty lucky, my last human was nice to me but the work was really really hard. I did it well for many years but lately it was getting too hard for me. One day last winter instead of being hooked to the buggy for a long day I was kept in and two ladies came to get me. They seemed very nice and I can tell they liked me. They brought me here to SBR. All the humans and horses here talk about “forever homes” but so far no one has wanted to give me one. I heard the humans talking about “riding” I was not sure what that was at first but it seemed to be something I was going to have to do to get a forever home. Well let me tell you, at first I was SHOCKED. This very nice tall thin girl got on my back!! No one had ever been there in all my 13 years but after I got over the shock it was really a lot of fun and very easy. I was careful not to hurt her or any of the other humans standing in the arena because I may not know much but I do know you are never supposed to hurt humans, as I mentioned before I am a smart horse.
Since then I have been ridden a lot. There is a nice lady who rides me and I hear her telling everyone how great I am. Some of the people didn’t think I would learn to canter at my age but they didn’t realize how smart I am, trust me, I can canter with the best of them.
It is not bad here but it would be nice to have a person of my own. When we work we are brought into the show barn. All the horses there are clean and shiny and a little snobbish. It doesn’t bother me because I am just as pretty as they are. But I do envy them a little.
Yesterday was the coolest day! The nice young man who takes care of all of us came to bring me in and I was expecting another ride, but it was much more fun than that. First I got a warm sudsy bath and was allowed to eat grass in the sunshine while my coat dried to a auburn gloss ( did I mention that I am rather good looking). Then all the icky hair on my legs and around my face was trimmed away and my tail picked out until it was fluffy and my feet were smoothed and oiled. Everyone commented on how good I was. It was like a flash back to when I was a young colt and was taken to horse shows. I liked that. The lady who rides me tells me she hopes my forever home will be a “show home”. Anywhere I am loved and appreciated will be ok with me.
Once I was drop dead gorgeous, I was ridden, but it wasn’t an ordinary ride. A tall young man was standing on the highest mounting block with a weird looking thing they called a video camera. He was filming the whole ride! How cool. I guess that makes me a movie star! I couldn’t wait to tell the boys in the pasture about the day. They tried to act cool about it but I know they are jealous and hope they will get to do it too. I think I heard the humans talking about doing a video for us all. I think they said it will help us get our forever homes. No one said so but I am pretty sure I went first because I am very smart and handsome.
Well that’s it for now. Better get to my hay. Oh I almost forgot you can see my video on www.saddlebredrescue .com.

Saturday, March 15, 2008

News from "Good Boy" aka Lee aka Agape

Lee, also known as 'good boy' reporting from the land of 4 seasons in one day, otherwise known as Omaha, Nebraska:My new human is very good about remembering to give me carrots. She's told me that she thinks my name ought to be 'Lee' but she often calls me 'good boy'. I like that, because I always worry that I am doing something wrong and someone will be mad at me. Because it was very cold when I first got here, and the humans all say I still need to gain a little more weight because they can see some ribs, I had a stall for the first few days. That was OK, nice and cozy, lots of shavings, but I missed socializing. A few days ago I got to go outdoors to live with my new buddies. They are all very nice, made room for me at the hay feeder, and once I've got my face in the hay, the rest of the world can just fade away. I have to wear a blanket, because it still goes below freezing at night. I am not sure I like that but I got to roll in the indoor arena after a ride Thursday evening. That felt really good! Then I got brushed off again and the blanket went back on. I tried to say I did not think I needed it, but all the horses around here tell me, if the humans think we horses need blankets, we wear them for our own good, and we just have to let them do it.I've had a very easy time so far, only was ridden twice, 'Mom' says she wants to get me back into condition gradually, and not overtire me. I do huff and puff a little after trotting, but so does she, so I guess that we are a well matched pair. (She laughs about that, not sure I get the joke, but if she's happy, I'm happy.) Our hair is almost the same shade of chestnut, except for the gray parts she has. dictated to devoted human Jeanie, by Lee the Good Boy - pictures coming soonp.s. There is another SBR rescuee here, they call him Gentle Ben. I don't know what his name was before, but he is very popular.

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Why don't I have my forever home?

This is the first time I have blogger so I may not be a champion at this but as I always do, I will give it my best shot. My name is Ninja Girl and I am really fairly young and I have been told I am kind and beautiful. I am not sure what happened or why I ended up going to the sale but there I was and I could tell that I had a chance of not getting a good home. When I was lead through the sale I tried to do everything they ask me to do but I was just ask to walk up and down a few times and then I was taken out back. I wondered if I did it right, I wondered who bought me and WHERE would I end up. Two ladies came up to me and seemed very kind and gentle with me. I could hear them say how pretty I was and after a short time they loaded me in a large trailer with other horses and off we went to our new lives.

When we got to our new home I could see, smell and hear other horses but when I was taken out of the trailer I was so surprised there were so many horses and they all seemed happy, but when I visited with them I found out no horse had a special person to call there own. I was told the men that took care of them were always kind and that you always got your meals on time. I was also told that there was not a lot of work here. What kind of place was this? At my last home we had to work long and hard days to earn our keep. I wondered if the horses had told me the true story here or if they had been wrong.

It was not to long before I found out what they were telling me about, I was brought into the big barn and I could see there were many, many beautiful horses in there. Every horse had a shiny coat of hair and their manes were very neatly trimmed. I hoped I would be like that some day. I was however cleaned up and I am telling you I felt like royalty. A saddle and bridle were put on me and I was lead out into a large arena. You know I remember something like this, I began to relax, maybe I would be able to do this work. It was not very long and a very tall thin girl stepped up into my saddle, I was excited and ready to go. Guess what? I remembered things and I knew what she was asking me to do, well most of it anyway. My ride was not long but I was sure I did well enough to get a forever home.

It has been several months since I came here, and I while I have made friends with a couple of the ladies that come out to ride me, I still do not have my one special home. Everyday I see horses taken into the big barn and in a short time I watch them get on a trailer and go to the new homes. I wonder what I am not doing right, if only I could go in a watch what they do maybe I could learn how to get someone to like me. I run to the gate every time I see someone walking near and I always put my ears up and look happy. I am never mean to the other horses that go outside with me everyday, I am easy to shoe and I always stand tied and never cause any problems.

About one month ago a new lady came out and started teaching me new things, I hear her tell the people that she really likes me and I am hoping what I learn from her will help me. I have even been learning about different people riding me, it is very different and I work hard to figure out what they want. I have done everything I am asked to do so why does't anyone want me? I guess I will continue to run to the gate and greet everyone I see and one day maybe someone will actually came to the gate to take me to my new home.

Monday, February 4, 2008

Shrek Speaks

I really didn’t get a chance to know you as I was only there for two days. I’m the 18 hand guy you named Shrek. The name is a good one, thank you! Last time I was around nice people, my tail was in that funny brace but that was a long time ago. They taught me how to do more than the three gaits I did naturally. When I arrived in Ohio, I wasn’t sure about people at all. These people had to be good as they gave me peppermints, my favorite! They didn’t ask me to do much just and they were really nice. I was there awhile and this strange lady came and they said she fell in love with me. Whatever! Back on the trailer and at another nice ladies barn and then the long trip to NC. I knew it would be good when I arrived as there were peppermints in my feed box.

Life is good now and everyone seems to like me. Why do they all say “HE IS BIG!”? Now they say I am the King of the Minis. The little ones like me but the ones that are closer to my size don’t have anything to do with me. The strange lady isn’t so strange now. She is the only one that understands I don’t eat one peppermint, I need 8 peppermints at once as they are so small. She comes and rides me for a few days at a time. She really likes me. There is another nice lady that rides me once a week. She says my trot really makes her work. My canter, that is the gait, I do best. Smoother than walking they say! The girls are proud of me because I can cut those tight corners in half and the smaller horses can’t bend the way I do! Everyone keeps talking about going trail riding at Blowing Rock this summer at the Moses Cone State Park. If the peppermint lady goes with me, I know it will be good! My favorite mini is the dwarf gray one. We run together in the field but mostly eat from the big round bale of hay. Every day the lesson kids come and feed us treats. I had forgotten how nice people could be to me. Thank you SBR for bringing me on my journey home.


Sunday, February 3, 2008

Notes from Ninja Girl

First I would like to say Thank You for giving me a chance at a new life, well I guess at life at all. I have been waiting and waiting and I am not sure what I have done wrong but it seems no one wants me. I go out in the day with the other girls and I watch for anyone that might come and get me. I always walk up to the fence and try and look pretty. I have heard that when people may want you, that you brought into the big barn to work. I have been in the big barn a lot but something tells me it is just to ride me not that someone wants me.

Today I was brought in and Anne rode me. I liked Anne and I worked hard to remember everything I had been taught before. There were a lot of horses working and I am proud to say that did not bother me at all. I heard the ladies talking about how nice I was and they wondered why I did not have a home. I think I also heard them say hunter or sport horse whatever that means. I do know I will try and do anything the people want. While I was standing in front of the thing that makes you warm and dry I could see all the people in the ring so I stood there and looked as pretty as I could so some one would pay attention to me. I really like people and I love to be talked to.

I am not very old and I feel really healthy, no sore legs or joints. I do need shoes in front but just plain shoes are fine. I am not skinny and I have been told by a lady named Kate that I am beautiful. Every time she rides me she tells me how good and beautiful I am and she tells me it will not be long before I have a new home. So far no new home, but I still keep hoping. I do not think my name fits me, I would like the name of Princess or Angel but I did not get a cool name like that. I am just plain Ninja Girl.

Friday, February 1, 2008

June Cleaver tells her story

Hello, my name is Agape’s Legacy but my people call me June Cleaver. I came to SBR in April 2007 with my 2 week old colt. I was soo thin from providing food for my baby, and was so afraid about our future. I couldn’t work for my keep any more since I couldn’t be on the road with a baby…What would happen when I was too thin to make any more milk for my baby? What would happen to us?

Luckily, a man named Christ saw that I was in great need at the sale and that we really needed a safe haven. These wonderful ladies came to get me later and told me what a good Mommy I was and how my baby was so beautiful, and how we were going to be all right now. I looked into their eyes and finally believed that they would give us the food and care we needed.

Thanks goodness for these ladies. They brought the two of us to a place called Saddlebred Rescue, but I thought it looked like Eden. In a few days, the stress of being at the sale made my baby boy really sick. I was so worried about him! I heard the person who came out with the little ear things listen to his lungs and say that he had a terrible pneumonia, and that my baby might die if he wasn’t sent to a clinic right away for intensive care treatment. The ladies were very upset to hear this, and the fate of my precious baby rested in their hands. I heard them say that we must ask for help from our Angel Network, and the next thing I knew Beaver Cleaver and I were on a trailer bound for the hospital. These ladies saved my baby’s life with their faith that somehow the funds would be there to help us. And my faith in them was not misplaced, as money was raised from many people, including one very special angel who donated the rest of the cost, to try to save my baby. Now it was up to him. For a very long week, I helped my baby fight for his life, and we won. We won, isn't that just wonderful?.

After we got home from the hospital and little Beaver was fully recuperated, it was time for us to be placed up for adoption. My new mom and dad in KY had room in their hearts and homes for us, and plus they had 2 other young playmates for my baby to play with! We were so excited to arrive after a very long trailer ride to our new home! It was so fun watching all the babies become friends and learn to play together, and I loved getting to come up to the big barn and be groomed and fussed over, loved, and given treats. My new mom and dad spent a lot of time with little Beaver Cleaver too, teaching him his people manners, and all the things that young horses need to know. I heard them say how tall and strong and beautiful he was, and it made me so proud to be his mama.

After weaning time came, my mom and dad spent a lot of time to find the perfect home for my baby. His new mom and dad love him very much and we are all so happy he has such a wonderful place to call home.

As for me, I heard my mom say the other day that I am getting “rounder than a barrel”, whatever that means... is she saying I am getting FAT?? I see her laugh when she sees me kicking up my heels, bucking and running in the pasture with my friends. I don’t know why she thinks it is so funny until I remember back to when I was so tired and sore from trotting on the road all day that I just wanted to move around slowly, if at all. What a life I have now! All the food and love a mare could want! And no work! Well, except I did hear Mom say something about getting me “back under saddle” when it warms up (surely I didn’t hear that right). I know she won’t make me work too hard though, I have faith. The same faith that made me believe that those wonderful first ladies would not let my baby die, and who took us in and made us safe. My new Mom tells me so often how grateful she is to these ladies, too. She tells me every day how beautiful I am and how I will never again have to worry about my next meal, harsh treatment, or not having plenty of love. I got a happy ending of my very own.